Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chocolate And Pistachio Fudge

Again with the monthly MFB challenge....this month we have to prepare a dish from the blog Shabs cuisine...I'm so happy to do this because shabs was my classmate and my very good friend.....She was my inspiration to start blogging...So i'm very happy to do this post...

I selected chocolate and pistachio fudge from her blog....I couldnt get a perfect fudge as her because of the chocolate I used and I didnt get enough time for setting.My kids kept on asking when it will be ready...😃😃

Now to the recipe..


1tin Condensed Milk
350 grm Semisweet Chocolate chips
30 grms Butter
A pinch of salt
150 Grms Pistachios


1.In a pan heat chocolate chips,Condensed milk,salt and butter.
2.Once evrything is melted and the chopped pistachios to this and mix well.
3.Grease a square lined with wax paper or greased foil.
4.Pour the chocolate to this tin and freeze it for few hours.

5.Once it is set cut into pieces and serve.


  1. This post had some lovely clicks on her blog... Love a block of fudge..

  2. Looks so good ...Just pass me a few :)

  3. My friend made Chocolate And Pistachio Fudge for me when i visited her place. I just loved the taste then she told me that she have got the recipe of this fudge from this blog.

  4. You have an amazing collection of dessert recipes so this one is an addition to it. Love the dark rich color of your fudge Fajee.

  5. The fudge looks wow!! It doesn't matter it set well or not - I am sure you did not even have a bit leftover:)

  6. Thank u soo much...ria u said it nothing leftover...😀😀

  7. Thank u soo much...ria u said it nothing leftover...😀😀