Sunday, October 23, 2011

Banana Cooler

Hi friends..........have not blogged for few weeks.....actually I'm into my small new business of catering at home itself which kept me busy and away from blogging these days.Hope all r doing good.I was thinking to post this recipe for iftar again didn't get time.This is a very easy and healthy dish to cool ur body.So I gave it the name banana cooler.
This can be made in coconut milk also but i like this more with fresh milk.


6 Small bananas (Cherupazham any type)
Sugar as per taste
1tsp Cumin powder
4 to 5 shallots finely chopped
1c Cold Fresh milk or Coconut Milk


1.In a bowl peel the bananas and mash it with hand.

2.Add sugar as desired.
3.Add the shallots and cumin powder.
4.Mix well and add the milk as how u need the consistency.
5.Serve in bowls.

This goes to Kerala Kitchen hosted by khushi of girl's diary


Plateful said...

Hey Faji, you have your own business--that's great news! Do tell us more in your next post ok :) Banana cooler sounds interesting.

zareena.b said...

OMG!!!! Faji, you started a catering business? Excellent. You rock. This recipes looks awesome. Will try this soon.

Hari Chandana said...

Looks too good and tempting :)
Indian Cuisine

Priya said...

Wow catering business, kudos to u, u rock..banana cooler looks fantastic..

Suhaina said...

wow. Fajida ...u rock girl. congrads on ur new venture. I too love to start a business but have no guts to start one.. a bit scared too. This banana cooler is new to me. would try sometime.
do tell about ur business provide some inspirations. Thanks in advance.

Rafeeda said...

my umma normally makes this with strained jaggery... :)

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