Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chakka Pradhaman

Hi friends!!Hope all are doing well.One of our friend bought a whole big jackfruit (chakka) when he came back from kerala.This is the only fruit which we don't get here in gulf countries.So distributed some to our friends and kept some for us for eating and making this yummy pradhaman.This pradhaman came out so tasty.
Now to the recipe..


25 to 30pcs Chakka(jackfruit)
2c Jaggery melted and strained or as per ur sweetness
2c Thin coconut milk
1 1/2c Thick coconut milk
Cardamom powder for flavouring
3tbsp Ghee
Cashewnuts for frying


1.Take out the seeds from the pieces of jackfruit.
2.Cook this jackfruit pieces with 1/2c thin coconut milk.You can even pressure cook this.
3.Now when this is fully cooked let it cool for some time.
4.By this time melt the jaggery,strain and keep aside.
5.Once the jackfruit is cooled grind this to a smooth paste.
6.Now in a vessel pour little ghee and pour the jackfruit paste to this and mix well.

7.Now add the melted jaggery to this and mix well.
8.Boil this till it thickens.
9.Add cardamom powder to this.
10.When this is thickened add the thin coconut milk to this and mix well.
11.Let it boil for sometime till it thickens again.Keep on stirring.
12.Add little ghee while stirring.
13.Now add the the thick coconut milk and bring just to boil.
14 Off the flame and add little more cardamom powder.
15.In another pan heat ghee and fry the cashewnuts till golden color.
16.Pour this over the pradhaman.
17.It tastes yummy hot or cold!!!


Unknown said...

Oh goodness! I am now reminded of my village in Kerala - Vadakancherry where this special payasam is a part of the extravagant feast at the temples. Oh dear! how I miss this taste I just cant express. Thanks for this sweeeeeet reminder Fajeeda!

Lifewithspices said...

lovely recipe.. m one big fan of this payasam..

Akila said...

lovely payasam...

Nilangi said...

I am here to share with you

Unknown said...

nice and yummy dessert...
Anu's Healthy Kitchen - Broken Wheat, Oats, Almonds and Coconut Ladoo

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a smooth,super droolworthy pradhaman, love to have some.

divya said...

Tempting clicks . Looks yummy

Rafeeda AR said...

uff faji... adipoliyayitundu...

Unknown said...

delicious pradhaman....

Unknown said...

ufff ithaaaa....slurpppp... missing chakkaaaa !!!!

fajeeda said...

Thanx To All..

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Hai Fajeeda..reached here as someone shared your mughlai chicken recipe in Ammichi's adukala in facebook. He tried your and it came out well. The pradhaman luks drop by my spaces too when you get the time. Me too a mother of 3, so think we really shud stay connected :)

Hari Chandana said...

Very traditional kheer.. yummy!!

Fajeeda said...

thanx a lot..

zareena said...

ho adipoli dish, Vaayil vellam varunnu....

Mrs.Ahmed said...

woo lovely presentation..
first here, happy to follow you.

Anonymous said...

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