Monday, July 18, 2011

Tomato Dal

This is an easy dish which can be made any time.This is very good with rotis and even with rice.......


1c Masoor dal
1big Onion
4cloves Garlic
2big Tomatoes
3 Green chillies
1/2tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Red chilly powder
Coriander leaves
Oil/Butter or Ghee
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds
1/4tsp Hing powder


1.Wash and cook the dal and 2 cloves garlic cut in rounds till soft.
2.In a pan heat oil/butter or ghee and splutter mustard seeds.
3.Add cumin seeds.
4.When these splutters add the chopped onions.
5.Now add the rest of garlic and green chillies and mix well.
6.Add the turmeric powder and red chilly powder and mix well.
7.Now add the chopped tomatoes.
8.Cook well till the tomatoes are soft.
9.Now add this to the cooked dal and mix well.
10.Add the hing powder and let it boil for a minute to all the spices incorporate with the dal.
11.Off the flame and add coriander leaves.
12.Serve hot with rotis or plain rice.

This goes to Ayeesha's event Any One Can Cook.


Shobha said...

Simple and nice dish...I love dal any day.

Umm Mymoonah said...

Simple comfort dish, perfect with rotis. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Dal looks so delicious and comforting. Excellent preparation.

Santosh Bangar said...

inviting and delicious

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Simple and delicious recipe...I do this when I am very this

Hari Chandana said...

delicious looking dal.. Yummy !!

Krithi's Kitchen said...

Simple and hearty preparation!
Event: Serve It - Grilled/Barbequed/Tandoored

ANU said...

simple and delicious...

Shanavi said...

comforting meal to go with rice / roti..

divya said...

Healthy and tasty dal..Looks great!

createwithmom said...

delicious way to have dal with tomatoes

Ganga Sreekanth said...

yummy and interesting

Kaveri said...

This is hubby's favorite...simple but tasty

Fajeeda said...

thanx a lot everybody.....

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