Monday, November 7, 2016

Coffee Macarons

Another macaron post....baking macarons are really a crazy thing for me....once start I will just stop after 5 or 6 batches of different flavours...Love to bake these lil cookies....I'm so excited to bake these cuties any time of the day especially midnight after all are slept....hehehe

Today posting coffee macarons...with 2 type filling dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate ganache...both tastes tooo good.

Now to the recipe..


For Shells:

70 grms Egg white Room temp
70 grms Almond powder
3grms Instant coffee powder
135grms Icing sugar
40grms Granulated sugar

For Filling:

50 grms Dark Chocolate
50 grms White Chocolate
75 grms Cream


For Shells:

1.Weigh the egg whites in a bowl  and keep it covered with a cling film at counter top for 24 hrs or in fridge for 4 to 5 days.
2.Before beating egg whites bring it to room temp.
3.Now weigh the almond powder,coffee powder  and icing sugar.
4.Grind this and sieve and keep aside.
5.Now in a stand mixer beat the egg whites along with granulated sugar till we get stiff peaks.
6.Now add the almond coffee and icing sugar powder to the egg whites.
7.Fold in carefully till we get a ribbon like texture.
8.This is very important not to under mix or over mix the macronage(macaron batter).
9.Line up a baking tray with baking paper.(ou can put a template paper down the baking paper and pipe the macs for perfect shape.After piping remove the template paper)
10.Now fill the macronage in a piping bag with a simple round tip.
11.Now pipe out small rounds on this tray.
12.Tap the tray on the counter few time to knock out the air bubbles.
13.If few big bubbles remain you can even poke it with toothpick carefully.
14.Now keep this for drying,it takes 30 mins to 1 hr according to the climate.
15.Once the shells are dry and not sticky you can bake it.
16.Preheat the oven at 150 degree C for 20 mins.
17.Bake this trays for 10 to 15 min or till done.
18.While touching the shells should be firm.
19.Off the oven and keep the tray at room temp for sometimes,then peel out the shells from the tray.

For Filling:

1.Now double boil or microwave the white chocolate and half of the cream in one bowl and dark chocolate and half of the cream in another bowl.
2.Keep in fridge for sometime.
3.Now pair the shells with same size.
4.Sandwich 2 shells with the filling .
5.Can be kept these in containers in fridge for using later.
6.Enjoy the coffee macs....


Rafeeda AR said...

Fajee... your macarons are really tempting me... I feel scared to try these beauties, but like you said, the best time maybe to bake them when the whole house is sleeping... InShaAllah, must try...

Beena said...

Perfect macarons. LOVE it

From my Kitchen said...

They looks professional faji....awesome!

Nammi said...

Wow... i want one!!!

Fajeeda said...

Thank u soooo much...

Unknown said...

Hello.. may i know if its granulated sugar or powdered sugar?? If there are granules will we get stiff peaks while beatin egg whites?? Twice my macarons failed 😔

Unknown said...

No wrds dear....

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