Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Honey Cake Or Russian Medovik

This is a cake I was waiting to make for a long time....I made this for my hubby's bday...all loved this...This a little time consuming cake but its worth..Its a 8 layer cake with 2 types of icing...The batter for this can made it two ways some make it as a batter some make it in a dough form...I'm posting the dough form recipe here.....It is always better to make this cake a day before to get the base soft and to infuse the sweetness of the creams into the base....I really enjoyed making this cake...
I too love the taste of this cake...I watched a lot of videos and read many recipes before trying this and I got a very good result....

Now to the recipe how I made this:


For the Base:

1c Sugar
1/3c Honey
4tbsp Butter
1/2tsp Baking soda
1/2tsp Vinegar
1/4tsp Salt
3 Large Eggs
3 1/2 c of All purpose flour

For Filling:

Cream 1:

1tin Condensed milk 
1c Butter

Cream 2:

2 sachets Dreamwhip powder
1pckt Philadelphia cream cheese
1/2c Cold milk
1tsp Vanilla essence

For Garnishing:

Cut of baked edges of base
1/4c Almonds


Preparing The Base:

1.In a bowl beat the eggs slightly and keep aside.
2.In another bowl put the sugar,honey,butter,salt,and vinegar and double boil this.
3.Slowly add the beaten egg and mix well till it becomes pale in color.
4.Remove from heat.
5.Seive the flour and baking soda and add this to the egg mixture and knead it to a soft dough,
6,First you will find it difficult to knead as it will be sticky.
7.Sprinkle few flour and knead and you will get a soft dough.
8.Now divide this into 8 equally sized balls.

 9. Now 2 baking trays with parchment paper.
10.Roll of the balls into not very thin 9 inch circles.
11.Palce a 8 inch plate over the rolled disc and just run a knife around to get a perfect round.
12.Dont remove the edges as after baking we need those to grind and garnish the cake.
13.Preheat the oven at 200 degree C for 10 mins.
14.Bake the rolled base at 180 degree C for 6 to 8 mins or till light brown.
15.I baked 4 bases at a time.
16.Peel it out from the baking paper and reserve the edges.
17.Cool it completely.

For Filling:

Cream 1:

1.We have to make the dulce de leche with the condensed milk.
2.Boil the tin with con.milk for 2 hrs or u can do it with pressure cooker method too.
3.Do this a day before because we need cooled dulce de leche(DDL).
4.Now beat the DDL and butter together to a smooth cream and keep in fridge.
5.This will not be a stiff cream.

Cream 2:

1.Beat the dream whip powder with cold milk and vanilla essence till stiff peaks.
2.Now add the cream cheese and beat well.
3.Keep this in fridge.

Assembling The Cake:

1.Once the bases are cooled complete spread the creams alternatively on each layer.
2.On top of 1st base spread cream 1 top it with next base spread cream 2 over this and complete it like this.
3.Spread the DDL cream all over the cake.
4.Now grind the cut out baked edges and almonds to corse powder.
5.Cover the cake evenly all over with this powder.
6.Refrigerate it for 4 to 5 hrs or overnight.
7.Slice and enjoy the honey cake.... 


Beena said...

Look so yummy

Rafeeda AR said...

Such an amazing attempt Fajee... I know how we wait for occassions to try out special cakes... :)

Ria Samuel said...

That is a lot of effort into one cake and it looks so good too!!

fajeeda said...

thank u soo much..

essay best said...

Hi Fajeeda, a couple of my friends follow your website religiously. This is my first time and Believe me i enjoyed every recipe I went through.

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