Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pineapple Pudding

Pineapple flavoured puddings are really yummy……..again this is an very easy pudding which can be made in very less time……….


1small tin Pineapples
2tins Puck cream or breakfast cream
1tin Condensed milk
1tbsp Sugar
1pkt Pineapple jelly mix


1.Make the jelly as per the instructions on the packet and keep for setting.
2.Now in a sauce pan mix chopped pineapple with sugar and water and boil till pineapples are slightly cooked.
3.Drain the excess water.
4.In a pudding dish mix the cream and condensed milk.
5.Add the cooked pineapples to the condensed milk mixture and mix well till the pineapples are evenly spread.
6.Keep this in the fridge.
7.When the jelly is set crush the jelly with spoon and mix with the cream and pineapple mixture.
8.Keep for setting for 1 hr or chilled.
9.Serve in bowls.


Subhashini said...

perfect and yummy desserts for kids

aipi said...

I love pineapples n this looks so delish!!

Priya said...

Irresistible pudding, very tempting..

Fajeeda said...

thanx subhasini,aipi and priya........

Satya said...

pinapple pudding looks very delicious ..yummy


Fajeeda said...

thanx satya..........

Unknown said...

How much of puck cream do we need to add in. Cld u pls share a picture of the puck cream or atleast mention it's weight.

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