Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kerala Kitchen Event Round - Up

Here comes the round up Kerala kitchen.Thanks a lot to Rose of magpiesrecipes who gave me the opportunity to host this event.

Very sorry for a late round -up.My system was complaint and got it repaired 2 days before.Anyway happy to post it atleast today.

Nadan Kozhi
curry by

Yogurt curry - Moru curry by Vidhya of A Portion to Share

Poriyal - chicken roast by Vidhya of A Portion to Share

Kadala curry/Chana curry by sobha of good food

Aappam by Roshni of Roshni's Kitchen

Spicy Vazhakkai Curry by Kaveri of Palakkad Chamayal

Cherupayar and Kachil Puzhukku by Poornima of Tasty Treat
ra curry by faseela

Sweet Atti Pathiri by faseela

Beef Ularthiyath by faseela

Gothamb Choru by faseela

Unnakai by faseela

Orotti/ Thick Pathiri by faseela

Mathanga payasam by faseela

Aval puttu by faseela

Kaiveeshal Appam by faseela

Cashewnut balls by faseela

The best dish award goes to rose's Lonan's Tender coconut pudding.

The most number of dishes award goes to Faseela.

Best picture award goes to Nashira of plateful.As usual her pic is so awesome.Friends please feel free to collect the awards from here.If I have forgot any ones post please inform me so that i can include that too......Have a great day!!!!!!!!
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