Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pistha Macaron

Hi all....August was a busy month ....went for a small vaccation for 15 days...came back and all the cleaning done and got tired a lot,then again to routine waiting for next holidays for Eid....
Now thinking to blog very regularly missing blogging a lot these days....Today I'm posting a macaron again...Macarons are a real madness if once started....I took around 200 filled macarons to kerala this time to share with my family and friends.....all loved it a lot...Carried it all the way in hand and reached very safe there......Once reached it is the first bag i opened to check whether it is not broken.....

As all know its a very difficult task to get a perfect as I practiced it a lot and now Masha allah I'm confident of making these cuties....
Have to be very careful in each step of making these....From measuring till baking...

Now to the recipe of Pistha macs...


For Shells:

70 grms Egg Whites (Room Temp)
35 grms Almond Powder
35 Grms Pistachios without shells
135 grms Icing sugar
35 grms Granulated sugar
Few drops of green color

For Filling:

100 grms White cooking chocolate
50 grms Cream
1tsp Powdered pistachios


For Shells:

1.Weigh the egg whites in a bowl  and keep it covered with a cling film at counter top for 24 hrs or in fridge for 4 to 5 days.
2.Before beating egg whites bring it to room temp.
3,Now weigh the almond powder,pistachios  and icing sugar.
4.Grind this and sieve and keep aside.
5.Now in a stand mixer beat the egg whites along with granulated sugar till we get stiff peaks.
6.Now carefully add few drops of green color and beat well.
7.Now add the almond pistha and icing sugar powder to the egg whites.
8.Fold in carefully till we get a ribbon like texture.
9.This is very important not to under mix or over mix the macronage(macaron batter).
10.Line up a baking tray with baking paper.
11.Now fill the macronage in a piping bag with a simple round tip.
12.Now pipe out small rounds on this tray.
13.Tap the tray on the counter few time to knock out the air bubbles.
14.If few big bubbles remain you can even poke it with toothpick carefully.
15.Now keep this for drying,it takes 30 mins to 1 hr according to the climate.
16.Once the shells are dry and not sticky you can bake it.
17.Preheat the oven at 150 degree C for 20 mins.
18.Bake this trays for 10 to 15 min or till done.
19.While touching the shells should be firm.
20 Off the oven and keep the tray at room temp for sometimes,then peel out the shells from the tray.

For Filling:

1.Now double boil or microwave the white chocolate and cream.
2.Once melted add the pistachio powder and mix well.
3,Keep in fridge for sometime..
4.Now pair the shells with same size.
5.Sandwich 2 shells with the filling .
6.Can be kept these in containers in fridge for using later.
7.Enjoy the pistha macs..

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