Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uzbul Zainab Or Sweet Cheese Rolls Guest Post For Yummy Food

Hi friends, this post I should have posted on 2nd July.This is the 3rd year I'm doing the guest post fo r her yearly Ramadan Event Joy From Fasting To Feasting VIII. 

Thank You Lubna of Yummy Food for giving me the chance to do the guest post this year too. 

This year I'm posting an arabic sweet Uzbul Zainab means zainab's finger.


1 Pkt Samosa sheet
10 pc Triangular Cheese
Oil for frying
Maida and water mix for sticking the edge

For Sugar Syrup:

1C Sugar
3/4c Water
1/2tsp Rose water 
1/4tsp Cardamom powder
1/2tsp Lime juice


1.Defrost the samosa sheets.
2.Cut the triangle cheese into pieces.
3.Now in a in a pan boil the sugar and water till it becomes thick syrup.
4.Now add cardamom powder,rose water and lime juice.
5.Now take out each samosa sheet keep a pc of cheese on one small end of the sheet.
6.Cover it with the small ends and roll it to a small log.
7.Stick the end with maida paste.
8.Do the same with rest of the sheets.

9.Heat oil in a pan.
10.Fry this rolls in the oil till golden brown.(The cheese should be covered well otherwise it will melt in hot oil and if it oozes out it will splutter in the oil.So be careful of that).Drain out the excess oil.
11.Now dip each roll in the syrup and coat well and place on a plate.
12.Enjoy the rolls...

Recipe of this dish on Lubna's page 
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