Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Choco Flan Or Impossible Cake

Today I'm posting a flan cake....this is a real treat for dessert lovers...This is a cake with two layers a flan and a cake layer....Pouring 2 batters together in a pan and after baking we get a dessert with 2 layers.Checked many recipes and saw many videos to get away the confusion of baking this cake and end up with this recipe.....

We can make the cake batter with store bought cake mix...but I like to make my own batter...then only it will be said made from scratch....Baking such dishes really feels like cooking is a real baking such desserts...

Thinking to bake different variations of this cake with vanilla cake or redvelvet cake...cant wait to try..

Now to the recipe...


For Cake:

1 1/2C All purpose flour
1/2C Cocoa Powder
2 Large Eggs
1C Oil
1 1/2C Sugar
1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/4C Milk if needed
1tsp Vanilla essence
A pinch of salt

For Flan:

1tin Evaporated milk
1tin Condensed milk
4 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla essence

For Caramel:

1C Sugar


For Cake:

1.Grease a cake pan or bundt pan .
2.Caramalize the sugar and pour this in the pan.
3.Now prepare the cake batter.
4.Beat the eggs and sugar well.
5.Add vanilla essence.
6.Add the oil to this and beat well.
7.Seive the dry ingredients and mix to the egg sugar mixture.
8.Pour the prepared cake batter to the cake tin.

For Flan:

1.In a blender blend all the ingredients for flan.
2.Pour this over the cake batter evenly.


1.Preheat the oven at 200 deg C for 15 mins.
2.Cover the pan with foil.
3.Keep this tin in a large baking tray.
4.Pour boiling water to the large pan.(Braine Marie Method)
5.Bake this at 180 deg C for 1hr or till done.(it took 1 hr and 20 mins for me).

6.Once the cake is done cool it compeletly to room temp.
7.Keep if refrigerated for few hrs or overnight before tilting.
8.This cake is always good the next day of baking.
9.Once cool slice and serve,
10.Enjoy the choco flan....

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Gulab Jamun CheeseCake 200th Post !!!!

This is my 200th happy to write this post, actually when I started my blog I never thought I will be able to reach atleast 100 posts....but day after day this blog and blogging became a part of my life and improved my cooking a lot....Got many friends through blogging....Thanks a lot to my family and friends who supported me a lot to keep on blogging....

Today I'm posting Gulab Jamun cheesecake which I was waiting to try for a long time....


For Gulab Jamun:

2C Milk Powder
1/2 C All purpose flour
1/2 tsp Baking soda
3tbsp Ghee
A pinch salt
Milk for kneading
1C Sugar 
1C Water
2tsp Rose water
1/2tsp Cardamom powder

For CheeseCake:

200g Cream cheese
1 sachet Dreamwhip powder
1/2C Cold milk
1tin Puck Cream
3/4 tin Condensed milk
3tsp Gelatine
4tbsp Water
1pckt Digestive biscuit
50g Melted Butter
Crushed pisthachios for garnishing


Gulab Jamun:

1.In a bowl add the milk powder,all purpose flour,baking soda,salt and ghee.
2.Add milk little by little and knead the well.
3.Cover and let it sit for 15 to 20 mins.
4.Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup.Boil the sugar and water till thickens.
5.Add the rose water and cardamom powder to this.
6.Now heat oil in a kadai to fry the jamuns.
7.Heat of the oil should be very low as the jamuns get cooked well inside.
8.Now make balls out of the dough.
9.Slowly put few balls in the hot oil and fry till these are cooked and golden brown.
10.Drain the excess oil and drop this balls into warm sugar syrup. 
11.Let it absorb the syrup.

For CheeseCake:

1.Grind the digestive biscuits and melted butter.
2.In a spring form pan press this biscuit mixture as a base for cheesecake.Keep it in fridge.
3.Soak the gelatine in water for sometime.
4.In a bowl beat the dreamwhip powder with cold milk ans vanilla essence till stiff peaks.
5.Add the cream cheese and cream and beat well.
6.Add the con.milk and mix well.
7.Now double boil and melt the gelatine and add to the creamcheese mixture and mix well.

Assembling The CheeseCake:

1.Slightly squeeze the jamuns and cut into two pieces.
2.Arrange this cut jamuns on top of the biscuit base.I just drizzled some sugar syrup on top of the biscuit base.
3.Pour the cheesecake mixture over this.
4.Keep this in fridge for 4 to 5 or till set.
5.Garnish with crushed pistachios.
6.Cut and serve...Enjoy the taste of cheesecake and gulab jamuns...
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