Monday, December 16, 2013

Chocolate Cheese Cake

Celebration days are ahead and this simple and delicious cheese cake for all the occasions...


For Base:

1 and half packet Oreo Biscuits
1/2c Melted Butter
1tbsp Brown Sugar

For Cheese Mix:

1sachet Dreamwhip Powder
1/2c Cold Milk
1/2tsp Vanilla essence
1tin Puck Cream
1tin Condensed Milk
200grm Philadelphia Cream Cheese
150grm Cooking Chocolate
2tbsp Cocoa Powder
2 1/2tsp Gelatine
1/4c Water 
Chocolate chips for garnishing 


For Base:

1.Crush the biscuits with brown sugar.
2.Mix the melted butter with crushed biscuits.
3.In a spring form pan press this to form a base.
4.Refrigerate this till set.

For Cheese Mix:

1.Beat the dreamwhip powder with cold milk and vanilla essence till fluffy.
2.Add the puck cream to this and mix well.
3.Soak the gelatine in water.
4.Double boil the cooking chocolate with cocoa powder and keep aside.
5.Add the condensed milk and softened cream cheese to the cream mixture and mix well.
6.Now add the melted chocolate to the cream mixture.
7.Double boil the gelatine and pour to the chocolate cream mixture and mix well.

8.Now pour this over the set base.
9.Set this in fridge till firm.
10.After set garnish with chocolate chips.
11.Run a knife around the tin and remove the cheese cake from the spring form pan.
12.Slice and enjoy the cheese cake.

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