Saturday, July 10, 2010

Caramel Cake with Butterscotch Icing

This cake can be called caramel cake or butterscotch cake…..because this smells more like butterscotch…….I don’t do icing normally but for this cake I thought to do some icing and for kids they will also like with some icing…… I did butterscotch icing……this cake is really very soft and tasty……..I made this cake for new year and everybody liked it so they told me to put this in the blog………so I made it again with the same icing……..


2c All purpose flour
¾ c Powdered sugar
1½tsp Baking powder
1c Butter room temp
2 Eggs room temp
½ tsp vanilla essence

For Caramel Syrup:

½ c Sugar
½ c Water

For Icing:

1c Dark brown sugar
3tbp Butter
1c Icing sugar
3tbsp Milk
A pinch of salt

For Decoration:

2Sachets Dreamwhip powder
½ c Cold milk


1.Sieve the flour and baking powder.
2.For caramel syrup heat a pan put the sugar and wait till it melts and becomes dark brown color.Now boil the water in a sauce pan and pour that boiling water to the caramelized sugar.Do it with a long spoon to avoid burning of hands.Stir very well to make it a syrup.Off the flame and keep aside to cool.This will not thicken because of the water we used.
3.Now in a bowl put the powdered sugar and butter and whisk well.
4.Add eggs one by one and mix well after each addition.
5.Add vanilla essence.
6.Now add the flour mixture slowly and fold in well.
7.Pour the caramel syrup in between the addition of the flour and fold in well with the wooden spoon.Do this till the flour and caramel syrup is fully incorporated.
8.Now grease a cake tin.
9.Preheat the oven for 15 mins in 200degree C.
10.Bake the cake in 180degree C in the middle rack for 35 to 40 mins or till the tester comes out clean..
11.Place the cake on the wire rack for cooling.

Preparing Icing:

1.Melt the butter in a pan add the brown sugar and stir till the sugar melts add the milk and mix well.Off the flame when the sugar is melted.
2.Now mix the icing sugar and mix without any lumps.Keep this in the fridge till the cake cools.
3.For decoration beat the dreamwhip powder and milk well in a bowl till fluffy and peak forms.Keep this also in the fridge.

Icing The Cake:

1.Cut the cake into two parts.
2.Apply some icing on one part.Close the cake with the other half.
3.Now apply the icing on top and sides.
4.Now fill a cake decorator and decorate the cake with dreamwhip as your wish.
5.Caramel cake with butterscotch icing is ready to serve.



Really beautiful and moist cake dear, thanks for sharing...

Fajeeda said...

thanx a lot............

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