Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sausage sandwich

Sandwiches are good for a breakfast………………..and this is made with sausage and vegetables…….we sometimes have sandwiches for dinner with fresh juices also……….but sometimes I say cutting vegetables,toasting bread instead of this I’ll make a curry and chappathi……this should be made little crispier then it tastes more good……..

Ingredients for one sandwich:

3 Slices Bread
Sliced cucumber
Lettuce leaves chopped
Mayyonaise to apply
Ketchup to apply
Pepper powder


1.First toast the bread till light brown.
2.Cut sausages into round pieces and fry or just sauté it with some tikka masala in a pan with little oil.
3.In a slice of bread apply mayonnaise in one side and keep the sausages.If using pepper powder sprinkle that also.
4.In another piece again apply very little mayonnaise and keep over the sausage kept bread.
5.Now again apply little mayonnaise and keep the cucumber and lettuce over the bread and now in the last slice apply the ketchup and close the sandwich.
6.Now press this in a sandwich maker or in a hot pan till it is crispy.
7.Cut into triangles and serve.


Sarah said...

hi Fajeeda,
I love sausages. And this was one of my favourite sandwiches during my childhood :) U have a lovely blog. I'm enjoying browsing through ur various recipes.

Fajeeda said...

thanx sarah.........

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