Monday, June 7, 2010


This is a Malabar dish.This aways made there. In our place these were made if some guests come or for any special occasions but now a days these are made often in our place too.I love this very much.This is great with chicken or mutton curry or even with coconut milk and sugar…………
This is little time consuming but tasty one.This is made for breakfast and for dinner also.

Ingredients:1c Rice flour
1c Water


1.Boil the water with salt.
2.Add the flour to the boiling water sd mix well with a wooden spoon.
3.Off the flame and put this mixture to a big flat tray.
4.Now knead this to a dough while it is hot .
5.Now make balls out from this dough.
6.Press this in a presser or roll with arolling pin.
7.Heat a tawa and place each pathiri on the tawa and cook till it puffs up.
8.Serve this with chicken curry,mutton curry or with fish curry also.

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