Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plaintain Roast

This is not a new recipe,everybody knows this one.This is very nutritious dish for kids and even for adults.
My kids like this for breakfast or for evening tea.We can make this very fast if any unexpected guests comes.


2 Big Plaitains
2tsp Sugar
1 Egg
1tbsp grated coconut
5 to 6 Chopped Cashewnuts
2tbsp Ghee


1.Cut the plaitains into small pieces.
2.Heat ghee in a pan add chopped cashewnuts.After the cashewnuts are fried add the plaintains and when brown color appears here and ther add sugar sauté well.
3.Now break the egg into it and scramble it.
4.When the egg is cooked well add grated coconut and mix it well and off the flame.
5.Serve hot.

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