Friday, June 25, 2010

Szechuan chicken

This is a Chinese dish……..This dish we had once from a Chinese hotel.When I tasted it I felt this is an easy one and I will surely try it out.That day we bought szechuan beef once I made it with beef,it came out well.So I thought I will make the same with chicken also,because chicken is a meat with many dishes can be made.So here comes my version of szechuan chicken this tasted almost same……..


1kg Chicken (can use boneless)
1 Big carrot
4 Cloves Garlic
2tbsp Tomato ketchup
2tsp Szechuan sauce
A pinch of red food color
1tbsp Corn flour
½ c Water

For Szechuan Sauce:

5 Whole red chillies
2 Cloves garlic
1½ tsp Tomato paste
½ tsp Tomato ketchup


1.To make the szechuan sauce boil the red chillies and garlic together.when it is cooked let it cool for sometime.Then grind this along with tomato ketchup and tomato paste and salt .Keep this aside.
2.Now in a pan pour some oil and fry the chicken till light brown color appears.
3.Take chicken from the oil and drain excess oil in kitchen paper.
4.Now heat another pan and add some oil from the oil in which chicken fried.
5.Add chopped garlic and sauté.add the diced onions and sauté.
6.Now add the szechuan sauce and tomato ketchup and sauté.
7.Now add the carrots cut into round pieces and mix well.
8.Add the chicken pieces and mix well.
9.Cover and cook for sometime.
10.Now add the cornflour dissoled in ½ c water.This gives the curry a glazing effect.
11.Now add the color and mix well.Add salt.
12.If u need more spicy add little more szechuan sauce and mix well.
13.Serve hot with fried rice.


Afsal_ Alif said...

Well,I luv almost all Chicken dishes....and this lukks quite Spicy and sumptuous.....

Fajeeda said...

It is not too spicy but tastes good........

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